Respiratory diseases, such as asthma and allergies, are caused by combinations of different factors.

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    Those who have a genetic predisposition, and who are exposed to environmental factors are more likely to develop a disease such as asthma.

    Dayton Children's offers a full range of primary and specialty health care services for infants, children and teens. No child is ever turned away.

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    Dayton, Ohio is currently ranked 7 on the list
    of the 10 worst cities for allergies in 2012. The percentage of pollen is at a staggering 89.14%.

The McAfee Foundation for Children & Youth (501c(3) non-profit organization) was founded in 2006. In partnership with The Children's Medical Center of Dayton, our purpose is to provide assistance to children whose families need help covering expenses related to respiratory illnesses. Typically, these expenses are used to help with the cost of medication until other arrangements can be made. The Foundation also assists with other costs related to pediatric respiratory treatment.
Greg McAfee, McAfee Heating and Air Conditioning. Principle sponsor of Dayton Children's Medical Center Radio-thon.
The McAfee Foundation is dedicated to helping families bridge the gap while they seek permanent solutions for providing their children with medication.

Parents are relieved to hear that their child's illness can be treated with medications. Many families in our community lack the resources to be able to pay for treatment.
Nothing says childhood like the care-free smile of a boy or girl running on
a playground. However, for children with respiratory illnesses like asthma
or cystic fibrosis, every breath can be a challenge.
The McAfee Foundation receives funding from generous donations by McAfee Heating & Air Conditioning and its employees. Additional donations are are welcomed and greatly encouraged as there are many children in need of help.